Twin Falls Podiatrist Office


2190 Village Park Ave Suite 100
Twin Falls, ID 83301






8:30am – 4:00pm, Monday – Thursday

If you’re looking for the highest quality, most advanced foot and ankle care anywhere in the Magic Valley, you can find it at our Twin Falls office.

Dr. Pilling and his team pride themselves on keeping up with the latest technology and research, and offer advanced care options to relieve your pain, including:

  • Laser therapy, a revolutionary tool that uses light energy to accelerate the natural tissue healing and regeneration process. It is highly effective for painful and inflammatory conditions including heel pain and most sports injuries, as well as a part of a comprehensive neuropathy treatment.
  • Neurogenx, a cutting-edge neuropathy treatment that generates electronic signals that are compatible with (and conducted by) damaged nerve fibers, stimulating and helping to heal them.
  • Advanced surgical procedures including bunion reconstruction, flatfoot reconstruction, Charcot foot reconstruction, total joint replacement, and surgical revision.

Other areas of training and expertise including fixing ingrown toenails, custom orthotics fitting, Ponseti clubfoot casting, and much more. Foot pain is not normal, and if your feet are hurting, we can help.

We are conveniently located on Shoup Ave W, a block north of Addison Ave, at the far western end of the road. Turn north onto Martin St, then left at Shoup. You can’t miss it—we’re at the last corner on the right-hand side.

Twin Falls Office

Burley Office

382 Overland Ave
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Tue and Thu: 8:30am – 4:30pm