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Family (and Foot) Friendly Fun This Halloween!

Planning on celebrating Halloween with the little ones this year? Twin Falls just so happens to be a great place to be for the spookiest holiday on the calendar! There’s lots to do and explore—and with just a tiny bit of planning and precaution, you can enjoy safe and...

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Can Neuropathy in Feet Be Reversed?

We want to tell you a story. We’ve told it before—elsewhere on this website, even—but it’s very much worth repeating. A while back, not long after we first brought an exciting new neuropathy treatment option called Neurogenx to our practice, we met an...

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Why Should You See a Podiatrist?

Why should I see a podiatrist? It’s a question we get sometimes, and we really do appreciate the honesty—and the opportunity to share the reasons why, what we do, is so important! Most people get why they might need a specialist for their kidney, or their nerves, or...

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Do Custom Orthotics Really Work?

Orthotics get a bad rap. If you ask around, you’ll probably get all kinds of conflicting stories. Some people swear by them. “I tried a pair of Dr. Whatshisname’s from the pharmacy three years ago and all my foot pain is gone!” Others may have felt better for a little...

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