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Cory Pilling and the team at Canyon Foot & Ankle strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to drive for hours or board a plane in order to get the highest quality care available for your foot and ankle pain.

In fact, you can get it right here in Burley or Twin Falls!

Our team is proud to use the latest technology and research, and we’re passionate about making it available to all people in our community suffering from foot and ankle pain that’s affecting their daily lives.

“I sincerely look forward to the honor and privilege of being your foot and ankle specialist.”

– Dr. Cory Pilling, DPM

Patient Testimonials

My son was born with a slight deformity on one of his feet. Dr. Pilling was able to fix his problem before it caused him pain and discomfort. The staff was so caring and made us both feel comfortable.

– Susan Delgado

After years of living with foot pain, my wife insisted that I seek professional care. Dr. Pilling quickly diagnosed my problem and recommended a procedure that would ease my discomfort. I should have done it sooner.

– Jerry Taylor