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At Canyon Foot & Ankle, our team is totally dedicated to delivering exceptional medical care to patients of all ages.

You don’t need a big-city hospital to get the best. If your feet or ankles are hurting, we can help.

Achilles tendon injuries

Acute inflammation

Ankle fractures

Ankle instability

Ankle sprains



Diabetic foot complication

Flat feet

Foot Fractures

Fungal toenails


Haglund’s deformity (pump bump)


Heel Pain

High arches

Ingrown toenails



Pediatric foot pain, deformities, & gait problems

Skin conditions

Sports injuries



Work-related injuries (worker’s comp)

Specialty Services and Advanced Technology

We are committed to bringing cutting-edge research, techniques, and technology to Twin Falls and the wider Magic Valley community. We can provide:


Peripheral neuropathy treatments.

Advanced options such as Neurogenx and laser therapy are restoring nerve function like never before, allowing sufferers to return to the lifestyles they once enjoyed.

Ponseti clubfoot casting.

The “gold standard” in clubfoot treatment, the Ponseti method can help your child realign their feet and attain developmental milestones on time without surgery.

Custom orthotics.

Our graphite orthotics are custom fit from precise digital scans of your feet. They’re firm enough to correct painful biomechanical problems, soft enough to wear comfortably, and thin enough to slip into nearly any type of shoe.

Laser Therapy

Twin lasers deliver light energy at specific and controlled wavelengths, powers, and pulse rates which work in tandem to relieve pain and stimulate natural healing mechanisms in cells.

Amniotic tissue injections.

Unlike cortisone shots, which simply dull the pain, these injections flood a painful area with growth factors and other essential proteins needed for healing.

Surgical care.

Although we work hard to resolve issues non-surgically whenever possible, we provide advanced and comprehensive surgical options for feet and ankles for those who need them.

The Best Place for Your Feet and Ankles

Exceptional care for your feet and ankles is available right here in the Magic Valley, no matter your age, condition, or lifestyle. Dr. Cory Pilling is qualified to handle all of your lower limb concerns. Please take some time to review the materials available on this website, and give us a call if you have any questions—or you’re ready to make an appointment.

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