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Peripheral neuropathy is a progressive condition that can take away your independence little by little, day after day, year after year.

Your feet and legs start to hurt all the time—until they go numb, and you can’t feel anything. Coordination and balance decline. Muscles get weaker. It becomes harder and harder to walk, drive, work, travel, or do any of the things you used to love.

But there is an answer. A new treatment is available that can help you get your life back. It’s called Neurogenx, and you don’t have to travel to the big city to get it—we’re proud to have it right here in the Magic Valley.

Causes of Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy can be caused or associated with many medical conditions including:

As these conditions progress they can result in pain, numbness, burning and or tingling. These are all symptoms of neuropathy.

How Does It Work?

Neurogenx is an electromedical treatment tool—a cutting edge piece of technology, and the only device of its kind currently available and approved by the FDA.

The device delivers a sophisticated electronic signal deep into your tissues, through adhesive electrode pads placed on your skin. That might sound scary, but don’t worry—the process is painless.

The electronic signal features a wide frequency range (400 Hz to 40,000 Hz) and generates a waveform very similar to the body’s natural electrical current. This allows Neurogenx treatment to be highly effectively.

Because nerves are naturally conductive, the current generated by Neurogenx is drawn especially to the nerve cells. As the nerves process and transmit this current, several important healing mechanisms are triggered:

  • Cellular metabolism increases
  • pH levels normalize
  • Excess fluids and waste products are removed
  • Swelling decreases

Furthermore, because the Neurogenx signal promotes sustained depolarization of cellular membranes, their “gateways” remain in the “open” position—in other words, they are once again able to absorb energy and remove waste products effectively, which helps them function correctly. And this creates the kind of healthy, nourishing environment necessary for the damaged cells to begin healing.

Because Neurogenx is effective for all types of peripheral nerves, it can help you with whatever specific nerve-related problem you may be experiencing—sensation, balance, muscle tone, strength, autonomic function, etc.

What Is the Treatment Course?

Neurogenx works best with several brief, regular sessions spread out over the course of several weeks.

A typical course might feature 1 or 2 weekly sessions of roughly 20-30 minutes, for 4-6 weeks or so. Some people benefit from a little more, others a little less.

Alongside Neurogenx, we of course also encourage our patients to make positive changes in their lifestyle when applicable—improving diet, getting healthy exercise, etc. These kinds of simple lifestyle changes do make a difference, especially over the long term.

We may also combine Neurogenx with MLS laser therapy or a chemical nerve block in order to provide more immediate initial results.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Results vary from person to person, but we can honestly tell you we’ve been blown away. Clinical studies have reported an overall success rate of 87%, and that definitely aligns with what we’ve seen in our own office. Not too long ago, we started sessions with a wheelchair-bound gentleman who hadn’t been able to feel anything below the knee. In just three days, he could already begin to feel his toes again.

Not everyone will have results that fast, but most people do start to notice significant improvement within the first 3-4 sessions. And the results are both cumulative and persistent. In other words, the more treatments sessions you have, the better your nerves will perform, both in the short and long term.

Now, can we promise you a complete, 100% restoration of all previous nerve function? No. This is not a device that will make you 20 again, as nice as that might be. However, it is highly effective at improving nerve function substantially, so that you can live and work without pain and with full mobility. It might not provide eternal youth, but there’s a great chance it’ll give you your life back. That means traveling, hiking, driving, playing with the grandkids, living independently—they are all within reach.

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