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Magic Valley residents never slow down. We’re hiking, camping, fishing or hunting when the weather is warm enough, and skiing or snowmobiling when it isn’t! In such an active community, sports-related injuries of the foot and ankle are a fact of life.

If you’ve injured your lower limbs, don’t try to shrug it off or play through the pain. These are sensitive, complex structures that need focused attention. Our foot and ankle experts work hard to get you back up and playing at full strength as quickly as possible, using the latest advances in research and technology when applicable.

Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

Some injuries happen in the blink of an eye. Others develop slowly, with each and every step you take adding a small amount to the discomfort. In either case, prompt treatment is important to help you stay at your best and prevent even worse injuries in the future. Some common sports injuries we treat include:

When injuries are not treated—or care is not taken to rehab them properly—more serious issues may develop. This includes worsening, chronic pain resulting from the original injury, but may also include secondary problems such as:

  • Chronically unstable, wobbly ankles due to a bad sprain that hasn’t healed, or multiple sprains suffered over a long period of time.
  • Reduction of muscle strength, flexibility, or range of motion
  • Early development of arthritis in joints.


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Personalized Treatment, Focused on Your Lifestyle

Our treatment options for sports injuries include everything from traditional conservative care to state-of-the-art non-surgical therapies. We’re strong believers that you shouldn’t have to go out to the big city to get the most advanced and effective treatment options, so we’ve brought them here to our Magic Valley practice. This includes MLS laser therapy, used by professional athletes and regular folks alike to get back in the game in a matter of weeks instead of months—even after significant injuries. This incredible technology harnesses light energy as “fuel” for your cells, kickstarting metabolism, vascularization, and tissue repair mechanisms to accelerate the healing process. Of course, not every individual will want or need one of these advanced options. For some, a little bit of rest and a new pair of shoes is all they really need! It all depends on your condition, your lifestyle, and your goals. We personalize all our treatment plans to suit the needs of our patients first—everything you need, nothing you don’t. We’ll lay out all your options and give you honest feedback so you can make informed decisions about your care. Contact us to schedule your appointment by calling our office in Twin Falls at (208) 733-0436, or in Burley at (208) 678-2727.

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